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What can you expect at
CREATIVE Women's Week

Creative Women's Week was created for women who want to escape the demands of everyday life and find peace and relaxation. At Creative Women's Week, you won't have to worry about kids, spouses, or any of the other responsibilities that come with everyday life.

We strive to make sure that you feel catered to during your stay. We have a wide range of activities planned, such as crafting, games, challenges and shopping from vendors. Other than the vendors, you won't have to spend any of your money here. Put your worries aside and come join us for a week of creativity and relaxation.  Enjoy every single moment.

Creative Women's Week Penny Parade Challenge Game Sheet

Penny Parade Challenge

Here you will have the opportunity to show off your creative side by submitting your scrapbooking projects. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, we challenge you to push your limits and share something unique! For every challenge you successfully complete, you will earn tickets for the outstanding penny parade gifts without the pennies!!  

You didn't think we were actually going to let you see the challenges before hand did you??

Sale Table

This is a great opportunity for everyone to collect and exchange supplies that can be used for scrapbooking and scrapbooking projects. 

If you have any unused or extra supplies, feel free to bring them and sell them at the table.

Bring your own dots or stickers for pricing, large enough to include your name and make a few bucks.

Creative Women's Week Sale Table Visualization
Creative Women's Week Prize Bags

Prize A Day Giveaway

During our week-long event, we will have a daily game or challenge, with a chance to win a prize. If you aren't into that, sit back and continue on with your own thing.  If you do want to win some amazing prizes, join in.  Nothing is better than free!!  


The Craft Garage Regina with Brianna Campos Ruiz

The Craft Garage

with Brianna Campos-Ruiz

Creative Women's Week is thrilled to have Brianna at our event.  She is the first person we asked. Brianna is talented, innovative and inspires other crafters to get out of a rut and blossom with creativity.  As a former CTMH consultant since 2007 and now a Stampin Up Demonstrator, Brianna will be on hand to aid you in all your crafting needs. With a large inventory to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect materials for your project. 

Gift Certificate Prizes

Creative Women's Week is purchasing gift certificates from each of our vendors to be used as prizes for the event.  

We are excited for the winners to be able to purchase supplies from our vendors without it coming from your bank account.  

Creative Women's Week Vendor Gift Certificates
Daily Table Favors at Creative Women's Week Scrapbooking Retreat

Daily Table Favors

At Creative Women's Week, we believe that everyone should find joy in making things. That's why we offer daily table favors, which come with crafting supplies or other items to spoil you. 

Either you are finding joy in what you are doing, or what you are receiving at our event.

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