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Creative Women's Week FAQ's

  • Can I have someone take my place?
    You bet, as long as your spot has been paid for in full by the time your replacement is registering. We will need your replacement to fill in the registration form on our registration page. Your replacement will also need to work out the fees with you. We do not provide reimbursement under these circumstances.
  • Can I bring my child if I am breastfeeding?
    We have a no child policy in the Jubilee room. While we would love to have you join us, we are sensitive to the fact that an entire group of women are taking time from their children. We are ensuring they are taking time from all children. If you would like, you are welcome to book an RV spot and have your significant other, or grandparent be close by with your young one. There is an added charge for another person. Please see the policies for further information.
  • Do you accommodate special diets?
    We accommodate diets for health reasons, so we do accommodate gluten free. We do not accommodate food preferences.
  • If I need a break from scrapbooking are there other things for me to do?
    The grounds are beautiful. You are welcome to have a lake side fire at one of the fire pits, watch a movie in the media room downstairs or go on a hike at the 8 km of hiking paths owned by the venue. We also have access to the canoes although it may be rather cold, but if you are a die hard, they are available to you There are many things to do in town which are listed on the bottom of the venue page.
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