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CREATIVE Women's Week Menu

Our menu plays a significant role in our event.  Women are often the ones doing the cooking at home.  We want to see you eating the foods you love without having to cook a thing. 

We wanted more for you than burgers, fries and pizza.  We want to watch you enjoy a culinary experience and be able to go home feeling spoiled and valued. 

Our Chef Elsie (Cinnamon Bun) Hack

ELsie has come to us from the Saskatoon area.  She has worked as the head cook at Redberry Bible camp for 14 years!  She loves cooking of course but being the camp mom is truly a gift to her.

Elsie has three sons and daughters who have provided her seven children as well as a husband who supports her in saving others.

Food is how Elsie shows others love.  With Celiac and dairy free family members she is skilled in accommodating dietary restrictions.  Reading food labels is second nature to her.

Elsie Hack

Anyone who has experienced Elsie's cooking has raved about her cinnamon  buns.  Her home made breads are delicious, but her cinnamon buns are exceptional.

Cinnabon could take some lessons from her.  No, seriously!!  

We are so blessed and grateful to have her calming nature, giving spirit and cooking skills with us.


What does the menu look like for our week long event?

CWW Menu.jpg

Here is what our menu looked like for 2024 and is a great example of what you can come to expect for the menu of our 2025 event!

We will not be posting our menu for our 2025 event.  We will be experiencing the element of surprise for each meal and after dinner desserts.

We do not cater to food preferences, but we do cater to those with a gluten intolerance or food allergies.  

Please do not present a food dislike as an allergy.  The kitchen takes precautions that are more work for them to prevent cross contamination due to allergies.  We do not want them to have more work than required.

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