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Creative Women's Week Venue

You will arrive to the air conditioned, 24/7 access retreat center and set up with your 8 foot tables and swag.  Close by there are power points.  We aren't interested in a minimalistic event.  We are going all out to make this week worth your ticket and time to be there.

There are daily prizes, scrap challenges and a Penny Parade.  This is not the normal parade.  Our goal is for you to keep your money in your pocket and still make it home with amazing gifts.  


We will be providing more info via email and in our attendee only Facebook group before the event, but strap in for an amazing getaway. 

For now, here are some pics of our venue.


Jubilee Retreat Center Craft Space

This is the main crafting room as soon as we walk into the event center.  It is well  lit, and slightly rustic.  Notice the large double doors on the right leading out to the lake view deck.

Jubilee Retreat Center Craft Space Alternate View

This is the main event room standing in front of the doors in the last picture looking to the right.  There is another set of double doors leading out to the lake view balcony.  Our tables to eat will be situated where you see the table here at the end beside the kitchen.

Lakeside balcony off the Jubilee Retreat Center

How beautiful is this to be able to walk out of our crafting space to the lakeside view.  What a perfect place to have a morning coffee, a short or long break and soak in the nature.

Back of the Jubilee Retreat Centre

Here is a view from the back side of the retreat center with the full lakeside patio in view.   Below the patio is our seating space that is shaded if required and the entrance to the downstairs sitting room.  There are several fire pits around for our full access.

Jubillee Retreat Centre Basement Sitting Room

In the basement, we have use of this well lit sitting room to chat with our loved ones on the phone, read a book or just get away.  We can also light a fire and watch something on the big screen or get lost in some thought.

This is the view upon waking into the room from the upstairs.

Jubilee Retreat Center Basement Sitting Room

Here is the view of the sitting room from the other side where the fire place is.  


We understand that having comfortable and well-designed bathrooms is an important aspect of a successful event. Our bathrooms are clean and well stocked.

Each  dorm style bathroom is equipped with ample lighting and multiple mirrors, allowing you to freshen up and feel your best before starting your next day of crafting.  There is at least one plug in by the vanity in each bathroom.


We also have access to the male bathrooms as well.  Both female and male bathrooms have double sinks, three showers and three bathroom stalls.

Retreat Centre Bathroom Sink Area
Retreat Centre bathroom stall area

Our Kitchen

Commercial kitchen serving line outer view

Our chef will be able to open this roll down divider at meal time for us to fill our plates.

We have separate tables to eat at in front of the kitchen space.  We don't want you to have to eat where you craft.  

Commercial kitchen serving inside view

Here is the view from inside the kitchen at the counter space where our food will be served.

If you don't want to eat at the tables inside, you can eat on the balcony, lakeside and soaking up the sun.

Outdoor Activities

Creative Women’s Week is a unique place for like-minded women to come together and explore their creative sides, learn new skills and enjoy some much needed self-care. Our retreat is located in a beautiful, secluded area surrounded by nature and designed to provide a truly immersive experience.

We have a variety of engaging activities such as fire pits, kayaks and canoes, onsite chapels, little cabins to explore for some quiet time, and walking paths. Here, you can find the space for your creativity to take flight, as well as some much needed rest and relaxation. Come join us for an unforgettable experience

Little bridge at Echo Valley Bible camp, venu of Creative Women's Week Scrapbooking Retreat
Fire pit beside Echo Valley Lake Saskatchewan with seating for the ladies of Creative Women's Week to enjoy.

Around Town

A short drive from our venue is a quaint little town with business to buy crafting supplies, clothes, food and pharmacy.

Should you feel you need a break from crafting, you can take in a round of golf, get your hair done or shop for some new clothes.

You can explore all to see what you can do and enjoy in the town of Fort Qu'Apelle by clicking below.

Wondering How to Get to Creative Women's Week?

All you have to do is click the red pin on the map below.  Google maps will tell you exactly how to get to our venue!

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